There has been way too much discussion on the WIN System about use of call signs. When you are using any linked system you are tying up lots of stations. 100 plus visitors in the case of the WIN System. Please read the regulation below and ID accordingly. Note that there is no mention of using a call sign at the beginning of a conversation. Also when folks say their call sign followed by “for ID” that is redundant. Why else would a station give their call sign?

§ 97.119 Station identification

(a) Each amateur station, except a space station or telecommand station, must transmit its assigned call sign on its transmitting channel at the end of each communicationand at least every 10 minutes during a communication, for the purpose of clearly making the source of the transmissions from the station known to those receiving the transmissions. No station may transmit unidentified communications or signals, or transmit as the station
call sign, any call sign not authorized to the station.