Welcome to the WIN System.

The WIN System is a community of amateur radio operators focused on educating all licensed radio operators so they can better serve their communities. 

The WIN System operates a series of over 100 linked repeaters which cover a great deal of the US and many other countries around the world.

The WIN System is an OPEN Repeater system.

We encourage all licensed amateur radio operators to stop in and get acquainted.

It’s important to remember, on a large network of repeaters, we have to pause before we transmit and leave a pause between transmissions – PAUSE – PAUSE – PAUSE 

Our IRLP reflector is 9100 and the Allstar Hub is 2560. Connect and join the conversation! Please go to the procedures page for connection information.

Please take a moment to read the WIN System Operating Procedures.

WinSystem Breakfast meetings are now Virtual.

Third Saturday of each month, at 9AM.
If you have not received an email with the link, and wish to join the meeting, please email on the Friday before or the morning of the meeting. Email n6gyy@winsystem.org
with your Name, call sign, and email address, to request the link.

The best way to get the link is to become a member. Members are sent notifications automatically.