You have a few options to connect to the WIN System.

  1. RF Repeaters. You can view a listing of known full time repeaters that are connected the system here.
  2. Allstar connection. You can connect your allstar node to our hub, 2560.
  3. IRLP connection. You can connect your IRLP node to our reflector, 9100.
  4. Echolink connection. You can connect your Echolink node to our Link node, KA6WIN-L. (126012)
  5. Streaming Audio. You can listen to the network on your phone or computer via our streaming audio platform. This is a listen only option available here.

If you have any connection issues with Allstar, IRLP or Echolink, please open a support ticket with our staff to verify you are cleared to connect to our network.