Heading on a road trip?
You can find IRLP nodes in another City, State or Country.
Then you can contact the node owner to ask if they allow people to temporarily connect  their node to The WIN System.
First go to status.irlp.net
This brings up the Summary Page
Then go to the Information Tab
Then you can go to the list Sorted by Country, then Province/State, then City
You can also search by ZIP CODE or LAT/LONG
Go down the big long list to select the number or numbers of the nodes listed in the area of interest.
Write the numbers down.
Tab back to the Summary page and type in the number or numbers of the selected node numbers into the small box up near the top center.
This will show the node info, frequency, PL,  LAT/LONG, node owners name and a link to ask questions of the node number selected.
Go down near the bottom of the info to node status
Connected to { 9100} or another node or reflector or Idle {Not connected but active} {or down } or if not connected to the internet .
At the bottom is a map of the area the node is located to be able to see if it is within range of your proposed location.
Good luck – and happy IRLP node hunting