The WIN System is a large network and we have many repeaters covering millions of households. We are sure you have heard a jammer on air. Well, we would love your help to locate these jammers. No, you don’t have to find their address, but you can help, with just your radio. Here is how:

By using your current radio, a handheld, or mobile/base, you can listen to the reverse of the repeater to locate a jammer. The ‘reverse’ is the input frequency of the repeater you use. Also known as the transmit frequency. Our Santiago repeater is a frequency of 448.060 with a negative offset. This 448.060 is the output frequency. We hear what the repeater, ‘repeats’. But to hear a jammer, to help locate them, you must listen to the input frequency. Since the range of their transmission is much smaller than the range of the repeater, you can determine how close a person is based on the signal strength, if we hear them on the input frequency. So, we set our radio to the frequency of 443.060. No PL needed, no shift needed. We simply listen to this frequency. If you hear anyone, then you know they are transmitting fairly close to your location. (As their signal is simplex direct from their radio to yours.) That range would change if you are using a high gain antenna vs a handheld with a stock antenna.

How you can help:

As of today, Sept 2023, we would like you to listen to either or both Santiago and Palomar repeaters if you are located in Southern California. Santiago input is 443.060 and Palomar input is 444.080. Listen to these frequencies while you are home, or mobile as often as you can.

When you hear a jammer on an input frequency, we want you to report the following information to us:

  1. Location you heard the signal.
  2. Date / time of signal heard.
  3. Frequency you were listening to.
  4. S strength of the signal.
  5. Type of radio & antenna used.
  6. Description of the audio heard.

By documenting this information, you can send it to us, via our support system by creating a ticket and using the “Report a problem / Jammer” topic. When doing so, it will ask you for the 6 details listed above.

Send us a ticket by clicking here to report your findings! We may just have a reward for you when we locate the the offending transmitter.