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Welcome to the Western Intertie Network, or the WIN System as we like to call it.

The WIN System is a series of over 100 linked, or Inter-tied repeaters; most are UHF repeaters, but we have some 2-meter and 220 repeaters as well, that cover a great deal of California, 16 States, and four Countries around the world.

The WIN System was conceived and created by Shorty, K6JSI, but is now operated by the Win System General Manager, Steven Taylor – K6UFX.

The WIN System is an OPEN Repeater system.

We encourage all licensed amateur radio operators to stop in and get acquainted.

It’s important to remember, on a large network of repeaters, we have to pause before we transmit and leave a pause between transmissions – PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE 

Please take a moment to read the WIN System Operating Procedures.